Free oneway links are a sure way to build inbound links to your websites without putting any outbound links in your site. A large number of inbound links help your website rank higher in search engines. A higher ranking in search engine means more organic traffic.


In this post I have listed 16 websites with high traffic and high PageRank where you can place your website URL for free. A PageRank is a Google’s way of assigning a number to your website for ranking purposes. The PageRank number is determined by using a complex algorithm and I really don’t give much importance to it. In my opinion, a high traffic website already has a decent PageRank. On the other hand, if a low traffic web site that has 7 or more PageRank, it is worth getting a link from that web site.


You have to sign up for all the websites listed here. After you sign up, in most cases you have to create a profile and put your oneway links using HTML code with anchor texts. You may have to use BB code in some forum sites. You have to create a blog post in a few sites to place your oneway links.

Review my blog post on Link Building Basics: Anchor Text and Action Verbs to find out how to use HTML code with anchor texts and BB code.  Some web site will have a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. If you’re using a WYSIWYG editor, you don’t have to know HTML code. Highlight your anchor text and click on the chain link icon from tool bar of the WYSIWYG editor. A new window will open and you can enter your site URL starting with http://. When you’re done, the highlighted text becomes anchor text. Alexa Rank 29K, Page rank 6 An online news and magazine site. Become a member, click on write a blog and then click on write a new post. Drop your links using the WYSIWYG editor. Alex rank 70K. Page rank 4. Register and create your links in the “About Me” Section of your profile page. Use HTML code for your anchor text. Alexa rank 60K. Page rank 5. Become a member and put oneway links in the About Me section of your profile page using HTML code. Alex rank 38K. Page rank 4. Sign up to place your links in the profile page. Use anchor texts and action verbs using HTML code. Alexa rank 69K, Page rank 4. After registering, place links in your profile page using the WYSIWYG editor. Alex rank 11K. Page rank 6. Register to create a blog and a new post. Drop you oneway links with anchor texts using the WYSIWYG editor Alexa rank 51K. Page rank 5. A community blog about teaching and learning Spanish. Drop your one way link in Bio section using HTML code and anchor text. Alexa rank 19K. Click on the forum link, sign up for an account and create links in the forum profile page using the WYSIWYG editor. Alexa rank 412, Page rank 6. Edit your profile and drop oneway links using the WYSIWYG editor in the About Me section. Alexa rank 50K, Page rank 5. Place links in your profile page. Use HTML code to create anchor texts with links in your Bio section. Alexa rank 67K, Page rank 5. A forum for nurses. Sign up and create your profile to place your one way links. Use HTML code in Bio section.

Cengage Learning: Alex rank 11K, Page rank 4. Sign up, join the community, and crate a profile using their WYSIWYG editor. Drop your oneway links in the profile page. Alex rank 7K, Page rank 8. Put your links in the profile page. Use BB code for anchor texts. Alex rank 67K, Page rank 6. A community driven microblog site. Register and log-in. Create Account from the top menu, put your URL in the Homepage text box. No anchor text. Alexa rank 19K, Page rank 6. A large community blog of expatriates. Oneway links in your profile page using BB code. Alexa rank 189K, Page rank 7. Edit your profile and click on the personal link from the menu. Put your oneway link in Website text box. No anchor text, low traffic but high page rank

You can find 16 more sites for free oneway link building in my earlier post 16 Authoritative Site For Free Oneway Links.

If you have any problems or need further help in using these sites for link building, post your questions in the comments.

Image credit: Aoife city womanchile

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