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Banner Ads

Classifieds for free generates revenues by selling banner and text advertisements. All contents on the left, right, and top of a page are paid advertisement. The center of the page is exclusively reserved for free ads. There are a variety of options avaiable for paid advertisements. The minimum ads rate starts at $30 for a week with a guranteed 20,000 impressions (will be displayed 20,000 times).


  • Ad rate is among the lowest in the industry.
  • Purchase as low as 7 days for $30 or as high as one year for $1000
  • We support most IBN size banners, texts, and video formats.
  • Real time impressions and click through statistics.
  • Fast and automated setup. We have installed an automated adserver for you to manage and pay your ads online.
  • After you purchase an ad slot, ads will start appering within 24 hours.

How to Purchase Banner Ads

You can purchase banner ads using our automated system or by sending an email request. If you want to purchase in bulk and negotiate a pre approved rate, you must start the negotitation process by sending an email.

Using Automated System

We use OcraAds as our automated system. Click Here to open Ocra Ads. You need to create an account at OcraAds to use the automated system. ClassifiedsForFree local account is not valid for logging into OcraAds.

Sending an EMail Request

Send an email to Contact at classifieds for free. Include the following information in your email.

  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail address for all communications
  • Number of impressions or package you're buying
  • Include your banner(s) as attachments to the e-mail, or provide the URL of banner(s) and we will pick up the banners from the URLs.
  • The target link (URL) for each banner (i.e. the URL where user will be sent when they click on your banners)


If you're using OcraAd automated system, payment is integrated with PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. If you are buying by sending an email, purchase your by clicking the BUY NOW button below

Once we receive your payments, we will notify you the start date of your banner advertisement (usually 24 hours) along with other information about how to view your on-line banner statistics.

A Note on Payment

We accept payment via PayPal (using your visa, master card, or check). However, you do not have to create any PayPal account to use your Visa/MasterCard at PayPal for payment.


For more information, please send an E-Mail.