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Seaweed Products For Health

Humans are made up of more than 70% water and if you look on molecular level even 97%. Water molecules are very small compared to others present within the cell walls. We are more or less walking water bags. The water world is beautiful but at the same time very vulnerable. Ancient cultures and civilizations had great respect for water and worshipped this "life substance" which they often equated with life force and surrounded with myths and legends. These people knew the real and vital importance of water. Still most humans when they think of the sea, think of health, invigoration,cleansing, and rejuvenation. The feeling of being alive and yet peacefully calm. Interestingly, sea vegetables (phytoplankton) can transform your health, tapping into the ancestral and restorative source of all life: the ocean. Because Life's watery beginning still continues to be present in all living processes, plant, fish, birds and animal alike. An imbalance associated with the water element is indicated by: adrenal exhaustion, general fatigue, hearing loss, premature aging, bone problems, urinary problems, infertility, memory difficulties, back pain and knee weakness, all of which point to disruption of water energy and kidney function according to traditional Chinese medicine.

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