Want To Increase Your Longevity? Improve Your Health?

Have you ever thought How can I increase my longevity and improve my health? You can affect your health and longevity by checking out the link in this add. Oxidative Stress is what they used to call free radicals 30 years ago. Oxidative stress occurs when there are oxidative particles floating around in your blood and body. Your body is “rusting” like a piece of old metal. To stop this process many people take vitamins in the B type and C vitamins but those only kill off a few of the oxidants. If you want to get rid of more of them you need to understand the new science that in the last 10 – 15 years has found the way to turn on your DNA and RNA to produce the anti-oxidants naturally and by the millions. These anti-oxidants are then sent out to kill the “rust”. This is basically how you get rid of many particles that start diseases of all kinds. http://1t95.com/increase-your-longevity/
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