Gideon The Laziest Leprechaun

GIDEON THE LAZIEST LEPRECHAUN BY STACEY SACKETT BUY IT ON KINDLE On sale now at Amazonkindle only 3.67 Legend has it that fairies and elves do exist and the most common and well known of the elves are the leprechauns. They live deep in the forest mostly in Ireland; they live in grassy and wild over grown areas, so that they can hide from humans. They are quite ugly creatures with pointed ears and they usually wear green coats and red trousers and a wide brimmed hat which can be either red or green in colour and they often carry a pouch with a lucky gold coin and a silver shilling inside. They are about two feet in height but live alone and have no contact with humans. They are often invisible but have been known to catch a human’s eye, but as they are a type of fairy they move quickly in a swirl of dust. Rumour has it that many years ago humans would leave out bowls of milk and food for the leprechauns to eat, but few people take the time and trouble nowadays, so they have to fend for themselves. Leprechauns work extremely hard as shoe makers for the fairies and are often found holding a shoe in one hand and a hammer in the other. The story I am about to tell you is about a leprechaun called Gideon, he makes his own rules up and never abides by the law of the fairies. He is mischievous and naughty and has never done a day’s work in his life. He hides in hedgerows and bushes so that humans cannot see him and he waits until all humans go out and then he enters their home. He raids their cupboards for food and deliberately moves their furniture and ornaments about just to confuse them.

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