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Tired of those PTC sites that claim you can make hundreds a day. I know I am. Let's face it folks these sites do not exist. What they do exist of is you making your money by referrals. And that sucks. Why spend all day trying to send emails to everyone you know and not get a single referral. What's worse is if your referral does join and sees what they signed up for was a waste of time. Friends will get mad at you for this. And like I said the PTC rates of even the highest ranked site only earn a lousy 8 cents per lets say 50 ads viewed. Sure those sites boast that they have lower minimum payouts than others. But seriously with those PTC rates you would be stuck all day trying to make a dollar, Want to know something else. Those sites limit how many ads you can view per day. NOT ANYMORE. Do not waste another second signing up for chicken scratch. I have been working with this new PTC site for less than a total of 2 days on and off. And I have made over 60 dollars. Don't believe me here is a look at my earnings. Your Membership Level: SUPER JV Your Commissions: $42.745 ($20.00 pending payout). And every 9 seconds later I will gain another .07 just by viewing one banner ad. Pay attention here everyone. There is more than just banner ads to view. And even starting out as a free member gives you most of the opportunities to earn. But the potential the real potential is having the same membership level as I do. And certain ads they have are limited to so many per day Why? Because the payouts are a staggering .10 to .20 per view. And if I have not already said so there are banner ads that have been endless so far for me. For a web junkie this site is a must.And it is free to join. Here's another snapshot and I earned it while writing this ad. Your Membership Level: SUPER JV Your Commissions: $43.095 ($20.00 pending payout) It is just that simple. So lets break it down join free and start referring if you wish and make a little. Or take the membership I have and really earn. DO not pass this up my link for you to visit is below. You have nothing to lose try it out now.
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