Guide To Sanding And Refinishing Wood Floors

This Product Is The Only One Of Its Kind. A Full Tell-all Guide To Refinishing Hardwood Floors, Written By A Professional Refinisher. Do You Want Your Friends GUSHING Over Your Stunning Refinished Wooden Floors, Without Spending A Fortune On A Professional? As a homeowner faced with the task of bringing your wood floors back to life, it can be a very difficult decision whether or not fork out the money and hire a professional or roll up your sleeves and DO IT YOURSELF! Is it going to look good enough when you’re done? How can you be certain that you aren’t going to ruin your floors and end up REPLACING THE WHOLE LOT? The decision can paralyze you! Just that slight boost in knowledge, can lead to dramatic differences in the quality of the finish. In my low-cost guide, I’m going to walk you through the entire process of sanding a floor. We go from the very basics prep stages all the way to putting the finishing touches on the floor to give it that extra “wow” factor that woos guests and family members alike. 1. In the sanding section of my guide, you’re going to learn the basics of how to use a good-quality floor sander. No, you don’t need to buy one, they can be cheaply rented at any local hardware store that does rentals. You can call in advance to find them, they’re everywhere. 2. Once you’ve gotten the heavy duty sanding work out of the way, I’ll show you how to fill all the gaps before moving on to finishing sanding, which will prime the floor for a beautiful coat of lacquer. 3. Lacquering is what gives the traditional wooden floor a modern upscale look. And to go one step further, I’m going to teach you some other techniques that involve staining and even colored finishes to really take your floor to the next level. Wives especially tend to love this step because of the vast array of look and style options available for them to choose (hopefully with your input as well!). 4. No matter what type of wooden floor you have, my guide covers it. There’s many types of woods out there, and they absolutely do need to be treated slightly differently. You’re going to get that information when you pick up my guide.

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