Everything Is Connected And Everything Is Energy

Spirituality – What is That to You? Do you feel a connection to the Universe? Is there just one GOD? One super being that controls it all? Where do you go with it all? Where do you find the inner peace of truth for you? Why does belief have to be connected to Religion? It’s all about us connecting with our own Truths. We are starting to realize just how closely we are all connected to each other. By definition, spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. More recently it has also taken on to mean reaching higher levels of consciousness using meditation, crystals, yoga and similar practices. Everything is connected, and everything is energy. Magical and spiritual work involves working within this sea of energy to create harmony and positive change. That’s why crystals – which vibrate with very specific healing and harmonizing frequencies – are an extremely useful (and delightful!) tool. Just one of the things you can do to raise your frequency is: Put gem elixirs (or crystal essences) in your drinking water. A gem elixir doesn’t contain actual parts of a crystal, but rather the vibration of a crystal, which is preserved in water and something that keeps the vibration viable. When you put a couple of drops in your drinking water regularly, you bring the crystal’s vibration into your own personal vibration, which – while subtle and gradual – can shift things very powerfully. The natural inclination and tendency of anything within the universe is that of balance, cohesiveness and ease. Instead of the vibration of the crystal adopting a non-cohesive pattern, your energy will entrain with the energy of the crystal and adopt its cohesive pattern. Because of this entrainment effect, crystals and gemstones are incredibly adept at bringing us back into a vibrational state of health and harmony. Come In Now And Let Us Share With You Many More Ways That Crystals Can Raise Your Vibrations!
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