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What Women Say They Really Want In Bed

Only 1 in 10 guys can properly do this to a woman If your woman is not dragging you to bed, this might be the reason The other day I was reading something quite shocking. Nearly 75% of women can not come to a full orgasm from traditional intercourse. What?!?!?! It's true, in several studies women admit that they have difficultly experiencing orgasms in the *traditional way*. If you want to have the very best chance of giving your lady earth-shattering o's then you need to learn how to give her oral -- the RIGHT way. Unless she begs for you to eat her out, chances are -- well, you probably suck at it -- no pun intended. I use to be that guy. I thought I figured it out on my own. She was always polite about it. I tried some tricks I had seen on porn. I thought I was a pro but looking back I was barely in amateur territory. So, how do you know what women want down there? You ask them. My friend and world famous sex expert, Michael Webb, surveyed 1000s of women and they shared the nitty-gritty on what makes their toes curl P.S. Men are notoriously bad about not asking for directions (or seeking advice). That is probably why women say that only 1 in 10 guys is *really good* at giving oral. Go Here To Learn More!

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